Quality Poultry Systems

At Landmore Agri we also have a wide range of poultry systems and parts

  • Auger Fill Systems
  • Drinking Equipment
  • Pan Feeders
  • Chain Feeding Parts
  • Cable & Suspension Equipment
  • Male Pan Feeders
  • Ventilation
  • Layer Equipment
  • Heaters


Big Dutchman and Landmore Agri

Landmore Agri is also proudly partnered with Big Dutchman, who helps us showcase a large range of poultry broiler products.

Big Dutchman stands for long-lasting quality and unsurpassed service. Everyday farmers all over the world realise the benefits of Big Dutchman’s dedication to innovation. From their poultry and egg production systems to their tightly integrated automatic controls, they continue to set standards for efficiency, productivity, and reliability, (Big Dutchman, 2022).

We invest much of our time and resources on developing new products and enhancing existing equipment for broilers, (Big Dutchman, 2022).

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